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Friday, November 4, 2016


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Yavorov Hut is located in the Polyanite place in the valley of the Razlojki Suhodol River, at 1740 m above sea level.
The new Yavorov hut:
  • Two-storey building with the capacity to accommodate 70 tourists in rooms of 2, 3, 6 and more beds and one apartment.
  • The apartment and 10 of the 2-bed rooms have own inside WCs and bathrooms.
  • The rest of the rooms use a common WC on each floor of the hut.
  • The hut is water and electricity supplied, with central heating. It disposes of a restaurant and a buffet, which are open all year round.
  • The buffet offers goodies and souvenirs.
  • There is a hall, entertainment room, VCR, TV-set, amusing games.
  • In proximity to the hut there is a ski track with a ski trail. The hut offers ski equipment.
The old Yavorov Hut:
  • The old hut is located in immediate proximity to the new one.
  • The hut is also a two-storey building, but with the capacity to accommodate only 20 tourists.
  • The hut disposes of 4, 5 and 6-bed rooms using outside WCs.
  • The old hut is water and electricity supplied and heated by electric and solid fuel stoves.
  • The tourist kitchen and canteen are located in a separate one-storey building.
  • There is a volleyball playground nearby.

During the summer season the tourists can use bungalows and tents provided by the hut. There is a parking lot for vehicles. 


All mountain trails are marked. Yavorov Hut is a point from the “E-4” European itinerary. Here's a list of tourist sites that you can visit on foot and approximate times to get to them while staying in the Yavorov Hut:
  • Haidoushka cheshma – 15 - 20 mins.
  • Yavorova polyana – 30 mins.
  • Mountain peak Okaden – 1.30 hours
  • Stapalata – 2.00 hours
  • Hut Vihren – 9.00 hours
  • Hut Banderitsa – 8.00 hours
  • Mountain shelter Koncheto – 4.30 hours
  • Hut Predel – 5.30 hours


The hut is managed by the “Pirin” Tourist Association, seated in the town of Razlog, 38, “Vazrajdane” Str. Telephone number: +359 747/ 2256.

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