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Friday, November 4, 2016


Zagaza Hut
1400 m.a.s.l. - North Pirin
Yanor ('66) - owner and mountain hut manager for the last five years
Phone number: +359 
879 601 133

Zagaza hut attracted my attention with its interesting location in the less popular western part of Pirin. The hut is a private property, fully renovated, becoming popular around the tourist circles more than ever. Can be reached by car from Kresna from the area called “Varbite”. The stretch is 22 km long. Тhe road is in poor condition, so choose a suitable vehicle to go there. If you choose to walk to the hut the most convenient and easy to follow the path starting from the village of Vlahi and takes about 4 hours.

The hut was renovated. The rooms are clean and convenient. Apart from the tourists, many families with children and grandchildren also come here for relax and fun. The owner of the hut made a route for small children - path passing through two beautiful waterfalls that takes 20 minutes walking. Only 45 minutes walk from the hut leads to Nivcha, the area where there are magnificent views of the peaks Sharalia, Konski kladenec, Sinanitsa, Gergiritsa, Muratov peak, Muratova chuka, Vihren,Kutelo and others.

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