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Friday, November 4, 2016


Bulgaria has many beautiful sightseeings and faces. When visiting Bulgaria, any local person will tell you to visit one of our 100 tourist sites. In 1966, a Bulgaria national movement was started. It’s idea has been to promote the tourism among Bulgarians and foreigners who want to see the what-so-called most beautiful, symbolic, and important historic, archaeological, cultural, and natural landmarks. Nikola Vaptsarov Museum house in Bansko is one of them!

Nikola Vaptsarov museum house is considered to be one of the very first museums in the Pirin region. It is situated on the central square of Bansko city.  Nikola Vaptsarov museum house was established in 1952. Its opening also sets the beginning of the museums activity in Bansko. The museum is dedicated to Nikola Vaptsarov who was born in 1909 and died in 1942.

Nikola Vaptsarov is an anti Fascist and poet whose remarkable art places him among the most popular Bulgarian poets of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The house of Nikola Vaptsarov is considered as a historical monument of culture of national significance in the issue 18 of the State Gazette of 1973.
The museum permanent expositions present an ethnographic collection of Vaptsarov’s  life. The entire museum exposition is placed on two floors. In the museum you will see original documents like the poet’s certificates for attained educational degrees, a personal stamp of another famous Bulgarian poet – Peyo Yavorov, an old trade notebook, and a notebook belonging to Nikola Vaptsarov, given to him by his mother.

On the first floor of the museum you will also be able to watch films about Vaptsarov in English, French, German and Russian languages. The family three of the poet and other families from Bansko can be seen on a wall panel.

The life of Nikola Vaptsarov after his enrolling in the Naval Machines School in Varna is traced in two rooms on the upper floor. Rich documentary and picture materials are presented. The only poetry collection by Vaptsarov issued during his lifetime entitled Motor Songs is among them. The award by the World Peace Committee which was granted to Vaptsarov after his death in 1952 can also be seen in the Nikola Vaptsarov museum house.

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