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Saturday, October 22, 2016

High in the mountains: Gorski Rai hut

Gorski Rai Hut
1450 m.a.s.l. - Northwest Balkan Mountains
Private, family
Mitko (‘60) - owner and mountain hut manager for the last 10 years
Krasimira ('59) - owner and mountain hut manager for the last 10 years

Gorski Rai Hut is one of the first private huts in Bulgaria. It is located in North-Western in the Balkan Mountains, under Mount Midzhur and on boundary of the biosphere reserve "Chuprene." This is not the standard hut through which pass dozens of tourists coming from neighboring chalets. It is quite remote from other ones and still attracts many people. And as owners told me "once you’ve seen the place, you definitely want to return." I went there with a desire to understand what magic attracts tourists to this hidden corner. Although the hut can be reached by car, I wanted to walk to there. The eco trail starting from the area "Bekinska shoburka" a few kilometers above the village Chuprene leading to the ridge of Balkan Mountains, where it merges with the tourist trail to the peak Midzhur. Steep and overgrown, covered with blackberries and wild flowers. Аfter 1000 meters elevation difference just before the hut the vegetation overflows into pine forest and you can feel the amazing smell of pine trees and resin.

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